Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back and Running

I'm back from my wonderful trip to Chicago.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and spent quality time with some of my closest and oldest friends.  I spent the first part of the week with my friends Cassie & Toby and got to meet my new "niece", baby Stella.  I also spent a few days with my friends Jeanne & Doug in their new swanky urban condo right in the heart of downtown Chicago.  Although I had planned on spending my vacation sewing-free, my sewing expertise was called into use as I helped Cassie make a few awesome recycled sweater stockings for her familiy.  While I was at it, I couldn't resist making a few extra booties for Stella and her friend Caleb:

My sewing nerdiness has been increasing each month since I started jslik designs....I think I reached a new level this week not just by sewing on vacation, but when my friend broke her machine's needle, I proceeded to produce a sewing machine needle from my purse....yes apparently I do carry around spare sewing machine needles in my purse.....and a tape measure.

As promised, here are some pictures of my latest blanket - a masterpiece!  I have to give credit to my friend Eddie for commissioning it and going fabric shopping with me.  We spent an hour or so combing through the fabric shop and finally came up with this:

Well it's gonna be a busy busy week for me! I've got a big project to finish up and it's gonna take me the better part of the week.  Plus, I've got to do my Christmas shopping...I've gone shopping TWICE now and managed to get nothing for anyone on my list except for myself! Whoops....:-P


  1. This is AWESOME Jennie! You are so talented!!! :D --AJ

  2. caleb (and lindsey) LOOOVE the shoes! glad you made it safely back to houston. it's FREEZING here and stella misses you.