Saturday, December 5, 2009

Magic Pants

It's been quite a busy week as I've been trying to wrap up a few sewing projects in preparation for my trip to Chicago.  Earlier in the week, I accompanied my husband to Victoria (TX that is) and planned on spending my time in the hotel sewing, but unfortunately after packing up my entire sewing room and machine, I neglected to bring the power cord/foot pedal for the machine.....not one of my brighter moments...  After a few attempts at hand-crank sewing I gave up and spent my time watching Law & Order marathons instead.  So, that left me with a few short days to finish my projects. 

I'm excited to go to Chicago to visit my best friend and her 3 kids.  I decided to make what I have named "Magic Pants" for the two older girls.  They are "Magic Pants" because they're rolled and hemmed at three different lengths.  So, as the girls grow, you can take out the outermost seam and roll down the hem to make the pants longer.  Since I've pre-hemmed the pants at each length, you don't need to do any sewing, just rip out the seams and the pants unfold to a longer length. 

My best friend also just gave birth to a little girl 2 months ago.  I thought about making the baby some "Magic Pants", but decided flannel was not a good material for babies as it can't stretch to accomodate bulging diapers.  So, I decided to make a pillowcase dress instead.

Whew, got everything finished up just in time :-)  Well I'll be gone for a week, but I've got an awesome blanket to post about when I get back!

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