Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ahhhh Soko-LEEK, It Is Found!

Last year, Andy and I vacationed in Europe.  On the first day, we arrived in Paris, Andy left his wallet on the bus from the airport to our rented apartment.  It was quite a disaster, but we managed to call the bus company, spoke to the lost and found department with our tour-book-mini-dictionary-translated French and the response was ...."Ahhhh Soko-LEEK, it is found!  It is found!"  Someone had returned the wallet, money, credit cards and all....and we were able to have a great vacation.

So now, we have a new saying floating around our house...."Ahhh Soko-LEEK, it is found! It is found!".  

Last week while in Victoria, I lost my seam ripper.  I mean it's no wallet, but still, I found myself unable to make anything successfully because of it.  I didn't end up finding it, so I just went out and bought another.  Although a small deal, I could hear myself saying "It is found!" in my head while buying it in the store...:)

You'd think that I could sew without this thing (well technically I can), but the real issue is that I can't take apart anything...that means I can't correct my mistakes (which I make all the time).  For example, when I am meaning to make a camera pouch for my sister, miscalculate, can't shove all the folded layers under my machine, and end up with this...

...I can't fix it.  What good is this for? Well I guess I can use it as a potholder....a very strangely shaped potholder though....

But, with a new seam ripper in hand, a couple of re-tries, I managed to make this:

You can use it to hold

But more practically, this:

It's really meant to be a camera case for my sister's birthday.  No, I'm not that cheap, we also chipped in for a new camera to go inside.  Hope she likes it!

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