Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

It's been a week since my last post...I know it's been awhile, things have been a bit busy around here.  I spent the holiday weekend partying it up with the Sliks.  We headed up to Chestertown, MD for a wedding celebration and of course, I took way too many pictures.  So the delay in posting is partially due to busy-ness, and the other due to my procrastination of going through and editing my photos for posting.

We arrived on Saturday, thought about crashing the annual Chestertown Tea Party, but instead headed out to the rehearsal dinner which was held on this beautiful serene farm.  If you've never been to Chestertown, it's beautiful with rolling hills and well-kept farmhouses.  I can't say the same about the local Acme and liquor store where there were some shady characters, but the farmland around the town was definitely beautiful.  Spending the weekend driving around the countryside made me really miss the east coast.  The whole weekend was very laid back, we ate, chatted, and enjoyed the scenery.

Here's the couple-to-be:

Scenes from the rehearsal dinner farmhouse

Since we were in Maryland, of course we had to get us some crab.  So we hit up the local crab shack for some of this:

Take this:

add this:

and get this:

Here's the aftermath: my bro-in-law is showing off his crab crusted hands.


After we de-crabbed ourselves and awoke from our food comas, we headed out for the wedding, which was at a different farm (different from the one we had the rehearsal dinner at).  This one was right by the river, a lovely site, where Tara and Chris got married to the lapping sounds of the water on the shore.  It was pretty sunny, so they provided some fun favors for the guests.  You can't tell from here, but the glasses say Tara & Chris on one side and May 30, 2010 on the other.  Here's my awesome husband modeling them for everyone:

Then the wedding was off:

It was just so simple and beautiful, like the quintessential country wedding.  And then, in true Slik style, it was time to party it up.  We spent the rest of the night tearing up the dance floor. 

And I will leave you with this...

Told you the Sliks are a rowdy bunch!  Gotta love them :-)

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