Friday, July 1, 2011

Dining In Style

Been a bit behind with blogging lately.  It's been a mixture of being busy, feeling a bit uninspired, and being plain old lazy.  But, I have been working on some sewing projects while I stall on my clothing making adventures.  When we moved here, we brought our own furniture, but didn't bring our dining table.  I love my dining table, but it's perfect for a Texas-sized home, not a Singapore apartment.  When we got here, my first furniture purchase was a new "dining table".  I didn't want to get a formal table since I have one in storage, so I opted for a teak patio table that I can eventually use outdoors when we move back to the States.  
Teak stains easily, so instead of worrying about keeping the table clean all the time, I made a table cloth for it.  Also, after sitting in the chairs for awhile, we realized that the slats can become rather uncomfortable to sit on and left unsightly imprints on our bottoms once we got up.  So, I made some cushions as well.



I had brought the fabric from the states and was originally going to recover my outdoor wicker chairs and make some coordinating pillows.  I didn't have enough to cover four cushions entirely so I bought some red laminated polka dot fabric for the bottom.  Not the best match, but it's on the bottom and you can't really tell.


Now we can stop sitting on folded up towels (which is what I was using as cushions prior to these)...and we don't have to worry about having sore and imprinted bottoms!


  1. I love them! Did you buy a pillow insert, or is it batting?

  2. They look incredible. Your description of them to me the other day doesn't do them justice. Fantastic! ... and I like the polka dot pattern; it adds just the right amout of fun to the more sophisticated tops :-)

  3. Thanks guys! AJ - I made a pillow insert using some scrap fabric and polyester stuffing. I made the covers with a zipper so that they can be removed and washed.