Friday, August 17, 2012

Meet Juno

A couple months ago, Andy and I got to talking about our upcoming birthdays and he asked me what I wanted for a present.  Since I started making clothing, I've been wanting to get a serger to add to my family of sewing machines.  For those of you who don't know what a serger is, it basically finishes off seams to prevent fabric from unraveling during wearing and washing.  So, if you look on the inside of your shirt, you'll see the seams are bound in a zig-zag like stitch.  That's the work of the serger.  Other great uses for sergers are for sewing a rolled hem and for sewing with stretchy knit fabrics.

Being a good and frugal wife, I've been monitoring craigslist for a reasonably priced serger in good condition. Lo and behold, this past Sunday I saw a promising posting, we went to check it out, and got me an early birthday present!

Introducing Juno - the serger:


Good thing the guy (yes it was a man) that sold it to me threaded it already because I think it'll take me awhile to figure out how to thread this thing.  

The best part - I only paid $75 bucks for this baby!  It retails at about $199, so I think I got a pretty good deal.  I told Andy he got off easy this year - I'm well under our "alotted" birthday gift maximum and he didn't even have to do any shopping....I did all the work for him!  Can't wait to put this baby to good use!

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