Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Quilt Challenge Part I (and a little bit of naming history)

Lately, many people have been asking me where "jslik" came from. Well, in college, I was dubbed "jLin" by my friends (with Lin being my maiden name).  I think the nickname stemmed from a pair of sunglasses I wore that were JLo worthy.  As I am now married, I can't really go by jLin anymore. So, taking the same naming convention and incorporating my new last name, Sokolik, I am now jslik (pronounced like j-slick). Well, there it is, that's how the name for my new business came about.

Anyway, on to my latest project. This one has been quite interesting. A friend approached me about doing a keepsake quilt for her two young children that would incorporate some fabrics from their father's old baby blanket (which is about 30+ years old and in ragged shape). She had originally asked her mother-in-law to do the blanket and her mother-in-law bought some fabric to add to the blanket, but passed away before she could make anything out of it. So, I was given the challenge to use these fabrics presented before me to make a cute blanket....

Not very inspiring, I thought...not to add that the darker blue fabric had a scary woman staring back at me and vicious coyotes that basically destroyed the "cute" factor I was striving for.  I'm not sure I know any child would want a blanket with that scary woman watching over them.

On top of that, the mother-in-law had already started cutting up ancient baby blanket....but none of us could make out exactly what purpose a couple of half moon shapes and a few shredded strips would have.  Her design ideas were lost to us.

So, this week, I've been working hard on making these quilts and once I'm done I will post the results for all to see....It's gonna be a challenge!  My goal is to create two crib-sized quilts out of these fabrics (with the help of a few extra fabrics).  One will be for a boy and one for a girl....stay tuned to see what happens!


  1. I'm excited to see how this turns out -- you're right -- quite a challenge, but you can do it!!!

  2. you can do it jennie! only you could make something cute out of an old scary woman!

  3. Thanks! So far, it's coming along pretty well :-)