Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

Just sitting and chilling with the in-laws, working off the food coma from a wonderful weekend of gorging.  We had Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixin's and then some followed by a dessert spread of all sorts of pies and cakes.  Played some espn worthy rounds of six cubes...relaxed in the mornings on the porch....and spent the weekend listening to the constant snore of Beau the bulldog (regardless of whether he was awake or not).   But, after all that eating....this was how we all felt:

I actually ventured out on Black the fabric shop.  Yes, I know, I'm turning into a real fabric nerd.   But Joann's had all their flannel on sale for 1.49 a yard.  In the end, I only did a little bit of damage....spent 26.94....saved 83.80!  Awesome.  I don't usually use fabric from Joann's for my products, but I'll be using this flannel to make som pj bottoms as Christmas gifts.  I just couldn't resist the sales....apparently, neither could hundreds of other women.  Joann's was a madhouse! But, I got out without a scratch and with this fat bundle of fabrics:

On the jslik designs front, finished a set of blankets this week!  They're for a set of twins.  I used the "Oh Boy" collection from Lakehouse Dry Goods again - I love this line!

Well that's it for now!  Going out to dinner with the family....trying the new Grimaldi's in The Woodlands.  I'm hoping that it's as good as the NYC pizza that I long for back home....we'll see :-)

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  1. omg jennie Beau is the coolest dog ever! that's like my dream dog. crap now i really wish i coulda hung out w/ him.