Friday, January 22, 2010

Business Development and Some Fun

So I spent last week working on a new item to sell.  A friend who is a financial advisor approached me about making a gift packaged bib and booties set that he could give as a gift to clients who just had babies.  After a few trials I finalized the details on my pattern for the baby booties so I can sell them now!

I've been playing around in Photoshop, trying to learn techniques to make my pics look better.  The technique above is called "vignetting" where you darken the edges of the picture to really make the subject pop out.  I'm always looking to improve my photography skills and maybe one day I can add "photographer" to my ever growing list of job occupations.  In the mean time, I just enjoy taking pictures of anyone who allows me to...such as these friends of ours that came for a visit over the weekend:

They made the 3.5+ hour trip from Austin to Houston with 4 little kids just to come visit us.  We had a great time catching up and hanging out.  Took the kids to the duck pond only to be attacked by ducks...I literally had to kick some of the ducks away for fear that they would jump on the kids.  It was a little bit scary...I think some enjoyed it more than others...

We also visited a few playgrounds in the area and got to watch the sunset at the pond behind our house.  A very fun weekend!



  1. Hey Jennie! It's Kristy (we worked at Liz together). I was looking through your designs and think that they're fabulous! Have you considered selling them on It's a marketplace for hand-made items. Check it out:

  2. Hey Kristy! It's good to hear from you. Thanks for the compliment and the suggestion! I have heard of Etsy and am hoping to open up shop there once I get some stuff made. It just seems that other things keep getting in the way! Hope all is well!