Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sewing on the Go

Been on the road alot lately as evidenced through my nearly empty fridge.  Right now, I'm sewing from my room at the Holiday Inn Express in Victoria...TX that is (I wish it was the other Victoria, but I don't supposed I'd be able to bring all my sewing equipment there).  I basically pack up my entire sewing room and set up shop in the hotel room.  The cleaning ladies probably hate me because no matter how hard I try to clean up, there's always loose threads and lint pieces stuck to the carpet.

Seems like I've had a lot of non-gender orders lately.  It really surprises me that so many people want their baby to be a surprise. It makes things much more challenging for the gift-giver (and gift-maker).  I have to find gender neutral fabric, which to me means, no flowers of any kind and no pink.  Also, without a gender, there is no name, so I can't personalize the item. So, in conclusion, people should find out the gender of their babies (and name them) before they are born so I can make even cuter blankets :-)

This is a set I made  for twins.  Found the turtle fabric on one of my trips to Victoria.  I think I might have to go back and buy some more while I'm here!

Here's a close up of my new tags/business cards:
Another cute non-gender blanket:

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