Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trying to Get Motivated

Been feeling a bit unmotivated lately - maybe it's the string of cold weather or maybe I'm just crashing from a busy December and just need to relax for awhile.  I think it's funny how sometimes you go on vacation to get a break from the real world, but then need time afterwards to recover from vacation.  For me, it's because I never quite get enough sleep when I'm away from home.  But I've had a few orders come in so deadlines are always good motivators.

Anyway, I have managed to complete a few projects lately.  I have to admit, when I first saw this fabric in the store, I was left wondering who would ever use it....but I had a client looking for a fantasy themed blanket and this was a perfect fit.  I think cutting the fabric along the line of the design really added a lot to the blanket.

I also sold my first bib and burp cloths set!

And on a completely unrelated side note, I booked my tickets to go back home to NJ mid-February....and you'll never guess how much the tickets were!  $165 R/T from Houston to Newark - SCORE!  If you know me, you know there a few things that really bring me great joy: food, sewing, babies, and saving money.  So, if anyone wants to come visit...check out!

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