Friday, February 12, 2010


Sorry I haven't had much of a chance to blog this week as I've been busy with my many jobs (mainly United Way and babysitting).  In between those, I've been working hard to finish up some orders before I head out to spend a week and a half reveling in the snowy east coast sans sewing machine.  Yes, that's right that's 11 whole days with no sewing!

I admit I was glad to be done with the pajama fiasco and forget about the whole thing.  But I think I have redeemed my seamstress skills in my latest project.  My sister's been really wanting a tote bag for awhile.  She put one on her wishlist for the secret santa game that her group of friends were playing (my sister is 14 in case you are wondering who still plays secret santa).  Unfortunately, the story goes, that she received a rather unattractive tote bag that she promptly returned to the store and received a whopping $5 store credit for.  So, I decided I would make her a really awesome tote bag for Christmas.  It's two months later, and I've finally made good on my promise!

I told her to search around for bags she liked online and I would design mine with that in mind.  This is the bag she picked:
Here's my rendition:

I think it's fabulous! But I don't know if I'll make more of these...I nearly killed my machine due to multiple layers of VERY thick fabric.  I don't think she's very happy with me.  Although if I did kill my machine, it would give me a good reason to upgrade...hehe.

Well, I'll be off to Jersey tomorrow! Here are some of the things I'm looking forward to....snow (i'll probably be the only person up there actually wants it to snow), bagels, hot pot with the family, ny style pizza, tax free clothing and shoes, hitting up the city to catch up with some friends, Chinatown....the list is too long!  

Au revoir! I'm off to the land of snow now!

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