Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Be Green

Originally, I was going to stick to sewing and crafty posts on this blog, but sooner or later, I'm bound to have a week where I have no updates on my projects...that time has sort of come.  I'm working on a few things, but nothing has been completed in awhile (partly because I am ignoring some problematic projects - see previous posts).  So, in the meantime, I guess I can just write about some notable or random things that are going on in my life.

For the past year or so, I've been trying to help the environment by using my reusable grocery bags.  They're really worth the $1 investment.  They've put an end to my collection of useless grocery bags with holes in them.  You help the environment, and the bags are much stronger and larger than an average grocery bag.

Yesterday, I went to my local Asian food market to do some grocery shopping.  When I was checking out, the manager saw that I brought my own bags, and ran to the back and came back with a handful of these:
He said to me, "These are a present for you because you care about the future."  How thoughtful.  Upon closer inspection, yes, it does say "Full Stainless Rice Cooker - 24 hours keep warm".   Bad grammar aside, why you would want to keep your rice warm for 24 hours, I do not know....but, to get a good idea of the size of the bag, look at this:
Yes, that's me, sitting in the bag....I guess maybe the makers of the rice cooker gave away this bag as a means to make their rice cookers more portable....?  I have no idea what I can use this bag for....by the time you fill up this bag with groceries, it'll be so heavy that you can't even lift it.  Seriously, it's so big that one bag pretty much takes up the entire grocery cart.  Perhaps I should take it with me on my next trip to Walmart just to see what kind of reaction I would get....I'd probably become known as the crazy bag lady....


  1. can andy carry you around in it?


  2. i would be too heavy for that...but he might be able to drag me around in it...haha

  3. you can fill it with your fabric purchases!

  4. haha, should've brought them with me to the city :-)