Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Verdict Is In

Well, I finally finished the botched pajamas for my sister.  For awhile, I was playing Passive Jennie, putting the project off to the side....secretly hoping that when I looked at it again, the hole would magically disappear...but obviously that didn't happen.

So I decided to work on the buttons and buttonholes (still avoiding the hole in the pants hem issue).  I was working along, sewing on my merry way.....and as I was using my seam ripper to rip open the buttonholes, I pushed a little too hard and ended up with a 3 inch buttonhole for a 3/4 inch button!  *insert gasp of horror followed by high-pitched shriek*

At that point, I just had to give it up, there was no walking out of this gracefully.  Perfectionist Jennie wasn't even an option anymore.  So, I accepted defeat and  decided to fix both holes with patches:

It's like where's Waldo....can you spot the patch?

I learned a few lessons through this 1) Be careful (which my husband is always trying to remind me)...2) Use the right sized scissors...and 3) BE CAREFUL!!!!

I guess you win some, you lose some...PJ's - 1, Jennie - 0.

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