Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goodbye Manicure

and good riddance! A week ago, before I got really sick, I was inspired by a burst of spring weather to give myself a manicure and pedicure.  As a rule of thumb, I generally don't do manicures because I'm one of those impatient and clumsy women who cannot make a manicure last more than a couple hours.   But, I was feeling a little under the weather, had nothing to do, and was inspired by the nice weather to make an effort to look a little nicer.  Normally, my manicures last all of a couple hours before they are subject to abuse and clumsiness, which leaves me with an ugly nail job.  However, since I spent the week laid up in bed with no sewing, no cleaning, no gardening, no cooking, no dishwashing....my manicure stayed in tip top shape for a whole whopping week.  This weekend, I made a return to my sewing machine and 30 seconds in...jabbed my nail with a pin.  30 seconds later...got a pen spot on my thumbnail....from there, it was all downhill as I dove back into dish washing....cooking...  I do have to say, I'd trade in my salon perfect manicure for my health back any day!

I haven't done much sewing so I don't have any pictures of recent creations....However, here are a couple of pics taken from my friend's camera when she was in town.  I think she's talked me into buying a new lens for my camera as the only real difference between the pics I took and the ones she took was the lens.  Everything looks better with natural lighting.

Perhaps I need to hire some hand models as well as props for my creations....

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