Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sewing Buddies

There are really two things that make sewing more fun (as if it wasn't fun enough already).  One is sewing with music, the other, sewing with a buddy.  Come to think of it, I don't think I ever sew without some tunes on - they get the creative juice going.  I'll save that conversation for another post.  

Onto the second - sewing with a buddy.  My friend Jaime recently dove into the sewing world with me and it's been a ton of fun.  Being a more seasoned seamstress, I helped her with her first project (the crazy girl took on a huge quilt for her first project.....that's why she's my kind of gal).  

The best part about her?  She's my age ~ She was born in the same decade as me ~ In fact, she even a little bit younger than me!  Awesome, we're going to start a revolution.   Sewing's not just for grandma anymore.  

Most recently, we went fabric shopping, I introduced her to the asian grocery store and to pho, and worked together on a new cushion for her bench (all in one day):

Jaime is like me, just flip-flopped on the outside.  What do I mean?  Well one day we went out to lunch and asked to have half the bill put on our separate credit cards.  Jaime's Caucasian, but her last name is Chong.  I'm Chinese, but my last name is Sokolik.  Well, when the waiter brought back the cards, he gave me the one with Chong on it and gave her the one with Sokolik.  I suppose it makes good sense that her name fits me better and mine her.  

So, I'm overjoyed to have a new sewing friend :) I mean girls really have to do everything in pairs right?  


  1. I'm kind of in love with that bench. We've been looking for something very similar for our hall. Any clue where your friend found it? (And, nice work on the cushions!)

  2. Hey Bethany! I'm pretty sure she got the bench at World Market - do you have one near you? It's very similar to Pier 1...