Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Quilt Challenge Part II

It's a cold (when I say cold, I'm thinking 60 degrees....) evening in Houston and I've got a steaming crock of jambalaya in the slow cooker.  Mmmmm.......  Since I am no longer dog-sitting, I've been able to sew more and knock a few more items off my list.  And now, I'm unveiling the results of the Quilt Challenge!  To jog your memory, I started with this: 


The first blanket was for this special boy:

The second blanket is for his precious little sister:


With all traces of the scary woman removed, the fabrics actually made some nice blankets.  When I asked the little guy if he liked his blanket, he said "It's precious!"  That's pretty deep for a 3 year old!  To wrap it up, I leave you with the picture of the week: