Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Red White and Blue

Here's how I started my day today....with a little red, white, and blue....and a little green and pink mixed in.

We're back from a semi-impromptu long weekend in Plano.  Originally, we planned on having the family come to visit us here in Houston, but Hurricane Alex was threatening to rain out our weekend so we just decided to head up to drier ground.  On our way up, we made a pit stop at our favorite blueberry farm and picked 11 pounds of blueberries (in the rain).  We proceeded to feast on blueberries all weekend long.

We spent time with my in-laws, hanging out, eating good food, playing our favorite game - six cubes.  That game can get very competitive! One of my favorite parts of visiting (besides seeing family) is hanging out with Beau the bulldog.  His funny personality, partnered with his goofy expressions makes him lovable and quite the entertainment.

He's a great watchdog....he works hard from 9 am-12 pm and then from 3-6 pm.....otherwise he can be found snoring.

Sometimes he forgets to put his teeth away...and wonders why everyone is laughing at him...

The highlight of the weekend was when Beau learned to play the piano.  Since I was not present when Beau debuted his talents, I'll just tell the story as I heard it.  My brother-in-law was tinkering on the piano, and Beau was taking great interest in it.   Later on, when the family was hanging out in the kitchen, they heard a phantom piano note.  They walked over to the piano in the dining room and sure enough there was Beau, the 70-something pound bull dog sitting on the piano bench.  When I got home, I decided to test the piano trick  and sure enough, Beau climbed up onto the bench with me and we played a duet.

I think this piano trick trumps the skateboard riding bulldog trick for sure!

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