Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Singapore Part 2: The Food

Oh the glorious food.  The limo driver that picked us up from the airport informed me that Singapore's national sport is...eating.  I couldn't have picked a better place to fit in! So awesome.

Every morning, we had breakfast buffet at the Shangri-La hotel restaurant The Line.  This place is off the hook!  There's food from all nationalities, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Malaysian, Singaporian, Thai, Chinese, American....and then, they make these fresh yogurts and juices that are awesome.  Guava lassis, fresh pineapple juice, fresh mango juice....

My favorite stand - the noodle man.  It's so nice to have a hot bowl of ramen for breakfast...a little weird, but so tasty.  Andy tended to favor the Indian dishes, but it was a little weird for me to be having curry and prata for breakfast.

Yum Yum!

Enjoying the view of the pool and gardens from The Line

Continuing on....we mostly ate at mall food courts since that was most convenient.  Basically every mall has a huge food court in it (usually in the basement) where you can get all sorts of yummies.  $5 will get you a pretty decent plate of food.  The food court features foods from every nationality.  You can find almost anything you want (except burgers of course).  

Pick your own veggies for your ramen...or shabu shabu

I love these Japanese cake things!

Tried some Peranakan delights - basically colored/flavored glutinous rice

Hit up Din Tai Fung not once...but twice!  It's just that good.  I'm so excited that I will be near one soon.  They have the best soup dumplings ever!

Here's some of the spread at Din Tai Fung - note these are not the world famous dumplings, I was just branching out and trying something new.

So the food journey continues.  One night we ventured out to La Pau Sat, one of Singapore's most famous hawker centers.  On the way, we walked past this:

They should give that spell checker a bonus.

So, what is a Hawker Center you might ask?  It looks like this:

It's basically a clean, safe place where you can buy street food.  In an effort to keep things clean and sanitary, Singapore has set up these centers where the street vendors can operate out of and some of the best food in Singapore can be found here.  The place has no a/c, you have to buy napkins for the napkin vendors, but they've got some of everything here.  We went for dinner and unfortunately many of the normal stalls were closed.  However, we found out that at night, they close off the street outside and the satay vendors set up their stalls.  Once you sit down, about 5 different ppl bombard you with the end, I don't even know which stall we ordered from.  I was just happy to eat some good satay!  

Me and my prawn satay

Looks like I'm going to be practicing Singapore's national "sport"!  So excited to try more foods!

Next up - the city and our new digs!


  1. Wow, Jennie!!! When will you guys move??

  2. Did I or someone from my fam give you that Grove City College Soccer shirt? Haha.

  3. Stacey - We're moving out 9/26! two weeks!

    AJ - Yes, I do believe I pilfered that shirt from you...I think I borrowed it and never returned it....haha. sorry!

  4. No apologies necessary!! You can spread the GC Soccer love in Singapore!!