Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home Away From Home

Here I am again, reporting from Victoria.  I think we must be VIPs at the Holiday Inn here.  I am becoming best friends with the lady who manages the breakfast bar.  I once told a friend that I've been travelling with my husband on business to Victoria and she thought it was very exciting until I clarified that it was Victoria TX, NOT Victoria Canada....

But, Andy's got quite a bit of work here for the next couple of weeks, and I'm tagging along for the fun of it.  Besides, when I'm here, I have an excuse to go shopping, watch HBO all day long, sew, and ignore the fact that my floor at home hasn't been mopped since Thanksgiving.

It's been a little bit of a frustrating week as I've been working a couple of blankets that have been giving me grief.  I don't know why, but sometimes I measure everything out correctly and the ends don't meet, or the embroidery is crooked.  It's hard for me to let a product go out if it doesn't pass my perfectionist standards....even when Andy assures me that I am the only one that notices it.

Well here are a couple of bib and bootie sets that did pass my quality control standards:

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