Thursday, March 18, 2010

Learning as I go

Yesterday, I learned an important lesson.  I agreed to do a blanket out of a certain fabric.  I didn't have emough on hand, but I thought I'd be able to pick some up at my favorite shop in Victoria (they're the only ones that carry it).  Well when I got to the store, I received the nasty surprise that the fabric had sold out in the last week!  I had just been there a week and a half ago and they had plenty of it, but apparently there was a run on it.  Luckily, I found some of it online, but I had to buy a full yard of the fabric and pay extra shipping.  I'm just going to have to eat that expense.  Note to self, lesson learned: never assume anything!

Anyway, here's another blanket I made a little while ago that has recently been gifted:

Seems like I've been using this fabric alot lately.  I'm currently working on a bib and burp cloth set with the remainder I have of this fabric.  It will be one of the first items offered when I open up my etsy shop.  That's right, I'm working on  making a few items so that I can actually open up shop!  More details to come :)

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