Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favorite Model

This week I'm in Victoria again...Andy gave me the choice of driving my car or driving a rental car.  The difference is that I'm not allowed to drive the rental (insurance issues), leaving me stuck in the hotel.  However, if we drive my car, I have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to take Andy to work.  Anyone who knows me know that I would of course I choose to have no car.  I mean seriously, I really need my sleep.  Besides, last week I braved the Victoria transit system and survived.  I got yelled at by the bus driver, didn't have exact change, and had a nice man give me a buck to ride the bus.  That was an adventure in itself. 

So here I am, sewing machine and all, hiding out at the Holiday Inn.  At least they have good cookies :-).  The best part of coming to Victoria has got to be Carino's Monday night 1/2 off family platter special (which we always take advantage of when we are here on Mondays).  We order a platter, take home the leftovers, and I have lunch for the next 3 days, all for the price of one dinner entree! 

A couple of days ago, my best friend sent me a few pics of her baby in a dress I made her.   Here's a look at the beautiful baby modeling her dress (along with her beautiful mommy for support - literally) This little girl is just so precious!  If you remember, she was featured on my blog in my first entry.  She's grown so much!  Oh how I wish they didn't live so far away.


  1. Thanks! Although I really can't take credit for most of it :-)

  2. hhaha...her chubby cheeks! she spit up on me a lil at tsuei's wedding but who would care with a face like that!