Monday, March 8, 2010

Old at Heart

My fears are confirmed, I might really be a 65 year old stuck in a 27 year old body....

Recently, I received a letter in the mail from "The Retirement Pros", which raised my curiosity. So I opened it up and the letter began like this:

"Dear Jennie:

Since you are near or in retirement, you'll benefit from Dr. Shelby Smith's Guide to Social Security....."

Then on the next page was a survey form with questions like

"your current ages is: (circle one) 50-55, 56-60, 61-64, 65-70"
"If already taking Social Security, at what age did you start? (circle one) <62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67..."

Now I may have hobbies like a senior citizen, I may go to bed at the same time, have as many health issues, and I may hang out with a lot of senior citizens, but that doesn't make me a senior citizen! It just so happens that most the women who stay at home during the day are either 1. stay at home moms or 2. retired women. Stay at home moms are generally closer to my age, but they are usually extremely busy entertaining their kids, running them to their activities, and catching a few minutes of shut-eye whenever possible. So, that leaves me with the retired women, who are home, have as much time as I do to "hang out", and do not need to worry about their kids' schedules. That's how I've become friends with so many of them.

Well at least I still have the style tastes of a 27-year-old....

It's been a long time goal of mine to make a dress for I picked up this pattern a couple of months ago and finally found some stretch fabric that might work for it....we'll see if I can pull this one off or not.

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