Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Break

On Friday, I spent all day working on this one blanket.  Yes, that's ALL day on ONE blanket.  At times, I did get a bit frustrated, but the finished product was definitely worth it, especially after we got to visit the sweet baby and give it to her.  Not sure if I would be able to sell this one....seeing that it took a whole day to make.

Hardest part?  Definitely the flower centers.  I was originally thinking of using buttons, but was afraid they'd be a choking hazard.  So, I decided to sew circles together and stuff them with some poly filling....conceptually, not difficult to make, but difficulty level increased due to the smallness in size.

So, after all that hard work, I took the weekend off and took advantage of the nice weather to plant my vegetable garden and spend time hanging out in Houston with some friends.  Checked out the Shell eco-marathon and hung out with yet another transplantee to the Houston area (or within 2 hr radius).  Slowly, we're starting a revolution....more of our NJ friends are moving down here to where things are just bigger and better!

I'm so excited, some of my veggies and fruits are growing.  Here's a peek at what's growing right now:

The strawberries in the garden are ripening and they are sooooo good!  They may not always be super sweet, but they have a super dose of strawberry flavor.  The lettuces are also going crazy right now...think I'll have a salad tonight!

Well now it's back to mopping the floor...I've got half of it done and am now procrastinating...

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