Friday, June 11, 2010

Christmas in June

It's been a last-minute busy kind of week as evidenced by my lack of posting.  I've busy with my other jobs such as diving into the archives of my Algebra II knowledge daily, watching 2 year olds throw temper tantrums, and trying to squeeze in some sewing.  I pretty much do a little bit of everything - I'm a tutor, a notary, a babysitter....the list is still growing.  I like to think of myself as "Jen-of-all-trades".  It's funny because I was approached with these jobs by my neighbors...I guess you could say that I'm employed by my neighbors.

A project I finished up recently is a re-creation of some stockings.  My client hand-embroidered each stocking cuff while she was pregnant with each of her children 20 something years ago.

The embroidery is still in good condition, but the rest of the fabric was not, so she had me re-do the stockings for her.



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