Friday, June 25, 2010


So, when I first started sewing, I read many blogs and saw many references to "fabric stashes".  I thought, I'm not going to be like that, hoarding all this fabric...buying fabric without a project to use it for....but I took a look at my study/sewing room shelves today and found this:

Guess I am a fabri-holic after all.  I seriously need to clean this out and make some stuff!  Better get busy.  

So I'm going to try something new.  I don't know how many people bother to read my blog (besides my moms and my best friend), but I'm going to ask for a little reader participation.   I picked up this fabric on my last trip to NYC and can't make up my mind as to what I should do with it.  

I've only got 1/2 a yard, so I can't make anything big.  But I'm looking for ideas and suggestions as to what I should do with it.  A bib and burp cloth set?  A bib and booties set? or something completely different... It doesn't have to be a baby item....a laptop sleeve perhaps? tote bag?  Think, what would you want to buy that is made out of this fabric?  Please do leave me a comment with your input!


  1. i'll think on it - it is super fun fabric!

  2. I definitely think that'd be fun as a tote bag =)

  3. i know i know!!! like a little zippered make-up pouch! oooooo...

    your "stash" of fabric is the neatest looking stash of anything i've ever seen. usually a stash is like a huge chaotic mass of crap. only you would have them folded nicely and organized by color and texture =)

  4. tote bag with a cosmetic pouch!

  5. Some good ideas :-) but it looks like my treasured piece is being snagged away by a customer....but I may try the tote and pouch with a different fabric...