Friday, June 4, 2010

Name Game

This week has flown by...between dealing with our a/c issues, cleaning my house, and other things, I've managed to put out some orders and posted a few items in my shop.  They're bib and booties sets that I've made before, but since they have custom embroidery, I can post them before I've made the actual set....I realized my shop had mostly girly things, so now there are a couple of boy things to balance things out :-)

Haven't posted a baby item in awhile, so here's a blanket I made a little while ago.  It's always interesting to see what names people are naming their children.  So far, this name has been the winner of the name's the most interesting name I've seen....

And I thought Sokolik was hard to spell....  This baby is going to be a spelling bee champ one day!