Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Escapades

And it's back to Monday after a whirlwind of a weekend full of surprises and adventure.  It all started Friday night when we rescued a little lost yorkie.  I saw the dog running (or bopping) down the street and sent Andy after it.  I'm not a dog person, but I'd say 85% of my neighbors are and they are always rescuing stray dogs, so I was inspired to help a dog.  In my mind, I was thinking that if the dog had a collar, we'd help him and if not....well....I didn't think that far.  Sure enough when Andy brought him back, he had no collar.  Now we were stuck with the dog since it was too late to take the dog to the I had to let the dog into my house (which if you know me, was a big step for me because the thought of a dirty dog in my house really raises irks me).   I compromised and the dog was confined to my utility room.  By a stroke of luck, we looked at our community discussion forum online and saw a posting for a lost yorkie matching the description of ours but said it had no teeth.  We called the owners (several times) and left several messages, but heard nothing from them.  I was getting a bit anxious because the next day we were going up to a friend's lakehouse early in the morning and would be out all day.  Of course the thought of this dog locked in my utility room all day with no way to go outside to do his business was stressing me out.  Then, there was still the question of what we feed a dog with no teeth! In the end, the dog spent the night, we made one more call to the owners early Saturday morning and finally made contact.  So all was well, dog and owner were reunited (turns out the dog was 16 years old!) and we were off to the lake adventure.

At the lake, we got to swim, go boating, ride jet skis, and chow down on some great fish fry.  We had such a blast - I got to take a jet ski out on my own and had so much fun riding the waves.  The water was so bumpy that I nearly made myself sick, but it was definitely worth it.  Here we are, hanging by the lake...Andy's lobster burn is already beginning to show.  Guess he should've spent more time with me in the shade :)

All in all, a super fun weekend.  I think I'll sleep all week to catch up on my energy...

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